JL Turbo STS Z06 sets record 203mph in the Standing Mile!

    STS Corvette C6 Twin Turbo Kit

    JL Overview

    Welcome to JL Turbo, we specialize in rear-mounted STS turbo systems and accessories. We have some of the the best info, pictures, and videos pertaining to rear mount turbo systems on the net.

    Rear mounted turbo systems have revolutionized the aftermarket performance industry. They can be installed in a matter of hours, and provide substantial gains over stock form.

    Ready to order your own STS Turbo System? Check out our products page for easy online ordering, or give us a call. We will match or beat any price!

    Real Results

    How does 100 horsepower at the pavement from only 5psi on an otherwise stock 1999 Camaro Z28 sound? How about a full second gain in the 1/4 mile with that same vehicle at that same boost level. This is a typical figure we normally see out of these cars.

    Corvette Z06 Example Results - What you can expect!

    Performance Results ('04 Z06)

    Boost: 5 psi Intercooled
    Rear Wheel Horsepower: 535
    %'d increase: 55%

    Rear Wheel Torque: 502
    %'d increase: 47%

    Trans Am LS1 Example Results - What you can expect!

    Performance Results

    Boost: 5 psi
    Rear Wheel Horsepower: 414
    %'d increase: 30%

    Rear Wheel Torque: 450
    %'d increase: 35%

    Boost: 8 psi
    Rear Wheel Horsepower: 508
    %'d increase: 59%

    Rear Wheel Torque: 548
    %'d increase: 64%

    1/4 mile time reduction: ~1 second

    - The JL Team, serving you since 2003

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